Summer Camp at Camp Yawgoog

Founded in 1916 as “A Scout Adventureland Forever,” Camp Yawgoog is situated on 1800 acres of beautiful wilderness in Rockville, Rhode Island. Yawgoog is divided into three separate Camps: Three Point, Medicine Bow, and Sandy Beach. All three camps share reservation program facilities. For example, the Nature Center is located in Camp Three Point, but is available to all Scouts on the Reservation. Each Camp has its own traditions – a color, songs, and cheers – but all three Camps offer the same opportunities to Scouts. The atmosphere of healthy Camp competition is a unique aspect of the Yawgoog experience. Yawgoog Scout Reservation is operated by the Narragansett Council, Boy Scouts of America. The Council is a member of the Rhode Island Association of Camps and subscribes to its principles of operation.

Map of Camp Yawgoog

CAMP SANDY BEACH SONG & CHEER (we sing this song at EVERY meal!

Pack up your duffle, Hustle up to Sandy,
Smile, Smile, Smile!
Laughs are the style, and the skies are blue,
That’s the place for YOU! HEY!
What’s the use of wondering?
There’s none can reach the BEACH
So, Hustle up your duffle up, your fun will double up.
At Sandy Beach. HEY!
Ta-Da Ta-Da Ta-Da Ta-Da
Ti-Boom Ti-Boom Ti-Boom, HEY!
Sandy Beach, RAH RAH
Sandy Beach, RAH RAH
Sandy Beach, RAH RAH RAH, YEAH!

Camp Contact Info

For mailing packages & letters to your Troop 113 Scout

 Joe Scout, Troop 113 Centerport NY
Camp Sandy Beach – Campsite Silver Buffalo – Week 3
Yawgoog Scout Reservation
61 Camp Yawgoog Road
Rockville, RI, 02873

Camp Yawgoog: 401-539-2311
Fax: 401-539-0760
Health Lodge: 401-539-2312