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The Troop has a Senior Patrol Leader and two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. These positions are held by Senior Scouts, (Senior Scouts have achieved the rank of Star or higher). Their job is to run the meetings and to make sure that the patrols are functioning properly. Troop 113 also has Troop Guides. The Troop Guides are Senior Scouts that work closely with new Scouts and are responsible to help them advance in rank from Scout to First Class. One Troop Guide is assigned to each patrol. One of the most important positions is that of the Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leader is responsible for running his patrol and coordinating the members of that patrol in preparing for the various trips. This is achieved by delegating responsibilities and duties in the acquisition of various supplies and sharing the load of carrying patrol equipment on hikes and campouts. The Assistant Patrol Leader helps the Patrol Leader in the execution of his duties and will become acting Patrol Leader in the absence of the Patrol Leader. A Patrol is a group of Scouts (not more than eight) that identify themselves by a patrol name, have a patrol flag, and a patrol yell. This group of Scouts will usually camp together on trips and share the responsibilities of cooking, clean up and caring for the Patrol's equipment. All Scouts will have the opportunity to rotate into positions of leadership and responsibility. This will enable the Scout to develop his leadership and problem solving skills. If any Scout has any questions or concerns he should follow the chain of command. The chain of command begins with the Patrol Leader. If the Patrol Leader can't help or have a solution, the Patrol Leader will go to the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and the Senior Patrol Leader who will go to the Assistant Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster if the problem or question cannot be solved or answered. It is done this way to help develop and sharpen the problem solving and leadership abilities of the Scouts. Solving problems without going to the adult leadership helps build character and self esteem.


Meets once a month.  See Calendar for exact date, time and location. The Troop Committee is made up of parents that administer the Troop Program (calendar of events) and is responsible for making the arrangements for the various activities and trips. Parents are encouraged to join the Troop Committee and to become involved and active in the troop. There are many troop event jobs and sub-committees in which parents are expected to lead or assist. The Committee meets every 1st Wednesday of the month. The Committee also is responsible to administer the Boards of Review. A Board of Review is made up of three committee members that interview a Scout when that Scout is ready to advance in rank. The Board participates in the celebration of a scout’s accomplishment of earning a new rank. Remember, it is more about the scout’s journey. A badge recognizes what a young man is able to do and how he has grown. It is not so much, a reward for what he has done. The Committee and the Committee Chairman also monitors the progress of the Troop and insures that the Scoutmaster is doing his job by fulfilling the Troop program.


Please check the website’s Calendar for exact location. Troop Meetings are held weekly, one meeting each month is dedicated to the Patrol Leaders Council or PLC  Uniforms are required.  A uniform consists of shirt, Official BSA pants or shorts, belt, hat, neckerchief, and slide. Scout book should be brought to all meetings. Patrol Flags should be brought to all meetings.


To be held as needed and arranged by the patrol leader and within the patrol. 


Once monthly.   See Calendar for exact dates, time and location. Patrol Leaders (or Assistant Patrol Leaders), Senior Patrol Leaders, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders and Adult Leadership attend these meetings. Uniforms are not required at PLC Meetings.   


Once monthly.  Scouts who are motivated to attain the rank of Eagle should attend regularly. See Calendar for date, time and locations.


Twice annually usually in March & September. Rank advancement, merit badges, and special awards are given to those who have earned them. It is also when we have raffles to help raise money for troop activites.


Troop guidelines for parents are detailed in our publication: Troop 113 Guidelines. Please read this as it contains comprehensive information about everything listed here. Thank you!
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